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Why It is Important to Have Your HVAC System Up to Code

Brookline, NH Homeowner Learns the Hard Way HVAC systems that are not installed by a professional, well-versed in this type of work, or worse are done DIY may inadvertently violate current standards. Not only is this against the law, but it can also be dangerous. The HVAC system handles combustible fuel and cooling chemicals that … Continued

How Efficient are Window Air Conditioners?

Gofftstown, NH Resident Looks for Ways to Stay Cool Window air conditioners are relatively inexpensive to buy. However, they are extremely inefficient in cooling a home and in the amount of energy that they use. The air will not circulate throughout the room like you would see with central air conditioning, leaving hot spots. Even … Continued

How to Recognize a Furnace Emergency

Brookline, NH Homeowner Looks for Help The most critical sign of a furnace emergency is the smell of gas in the home. In this instance, you should shut down the entire system and get yourself, your family and any pets out of the home immediately. If your furnace has stopped working and is no longer … Continued

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

Bedford, NH Homeowner Seeks Advice When switching your HVAC system over from heating to air conditioning, it is always a good idea to schedule a tune-up service. A professional HVAC technician can clean the unit, and make sure it is running at maximum efficiency. The change of season is also a good reminder to change … Continued

Will Closing Vents Save on Your Heating Bill?

Windham, NH Homeowner Looks for Advice It can be tempting to close vents in unused rooms, shutting the door, to keep the warm air in the rest of the house but this can actually wind up increasing your energy bill. Air pressure builds up when vents are closed which increases the risk of duct leaks. … Continued

Why Would You Need a Ductless HVAC System?

Merrimack, NH Homeowner Seeks Alternative Options Ductless HVAC systems, also commonly referred to as mini-splits, are a great way to heat and cool the area of a home that does not have any pre-existing ductwork. Mounted to the wall, this energy-efficient unit works independently to heat and cool an area. They can be used for … Continued

Why You Need to Control Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Merrimack, NH Homeowner Finds Out the Importance of Humidity During the winter months, a decrease in humidity left unaddressed in the home can result in number of health irritations, from dry skin to bloody noses and sore throats. Low humidity can also exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems for anyone living in the home. In … Continued

What is the Best Temperature Setting for Your Hot Water Heater?

Brookline, NH Homeowner Seeks Recommendations The best temperature setting for a hot water heater is between 120 and 140 degrees. Below 120 degrees, bacteria can develop in the stagnant water sitting in the tank. Above 140 degrees, the water is so hot that you and family members can be at risk for scalding in as … Continued

What Does the SEER Efficiency Rating for HVAC Equipment Mean?

Hudson, NH Homeowner Has Questions The energy efficiency of air conditioning systems is measured by SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and EER (energy efficiency ratio). The higher these ratings, the lower the operating costs. SEER refers to the electrical input that is required to run the air conditioner during a typical season, divided by the … Continued

Testimonials & Reviews

We had central air conditioning installed last year by Joyce and were very satisfied with the job. Today, John N. serviced the unit and all of the components and he was incredibly thorough and professional. He explained exactly what was serviced and what to avoid (greenery around the outdoor unit). I highly recommend Joyce Cooling & Heating!

Cristina A.

Cristina A.

Jarod was my technician on March 20th. He was professional and courteous as he completed a servicing on my Heathing Unit. He explained what he was cleaning out and system runs great again.

Matt O.

Matt O.

Mitchell P. came to our house today for an issue with our AC. He was great explaining what the problem is and how they were going to take care of it going forward. He was very pleasant and nice to work with, just like everyone at Joyce Cooling and Heating that has been here.

Cindy A.

Cindy A.

Jim and team did a top notch job on our install. The team was professional, courteous and kept the work areas super clean. I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and the knowledge of the system that was installed. They answered all the questions we had! I also really appreciate how flexible they were with our 3 dogs, they did a great job ensuring materials /parts during install kept tidy to ensure the dogs didn't get into anything. Thanks for the great work!

Jill C.

Jill C.

The representative was friendly, professional, and transparent about the work being done. The issue was resolved. My expectations were satisfied.

Stephen T.

Stephen T.

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