Hot, humid weather means air conditioning in Nashua, NH, is a must. When you’re having trouble with yours, or if you are looking for installation services, you can count on the skilled team at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc..

Since 1995, we have been providing the services of an AC company to homeowners throughout the Nashua region. We’re your local experts and offer air conditioning maintenance, air conditioner repair, and ac installation services you can trust. The experienced crew at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. can handle all your air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance needs. We strive to publish useful tips each month to help homeowners self-diagnose air conditioner issues and then call us for expert confirmation through an appointment to remedy the A/C problems.

After a long, cold winter, you never know what is lurking around in your outdoor HVAC systems. There are chances a rodent was seeking shelter in the outdoor HVAC unit and chewed through some wiring.