Tyngsboro Homeowner Looks for Help

There are a number of factors that could cause temperature variations from room to room in a home. This can be caused by poor insulation letting the outdoor air in, sunlight (or lack of), and inefficiency in the HVAC’s duct line to cool or heat those rooms that are the furthest out. Whatever the factor, this temperature fluctuation can be a nuisance for everyone living in the residence.

A homeowner in Tyngsboro, MA had noticed that her living room was significantly warmer than the bedroom, despite her thermostat’s consistent setting. Looking for suggestions on syncing the temperature throughout her home, she contacted Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc..

Insulating the Home by Sealing Windows and Doors

One of the top causes of varying temperature from room to room is poor insulation. Lost heat during the winter months and cool air escaping during the summer can make a big difference in a room. You can prevent this lost energy by weather-stripping windows and exterior doors. Caulking any gaps that are allowing air to seep out can also rectify this imbalance.

Rooms that allow for more sun tend to feel warmer than those that do not receive direct sunlight. Adding dark window drapes, shutters or blinds can help to regulate the temperature in a room. These window treatments can also help to insulate the heat during the evening and nighttime.

Correcting Temperature Variations Means Your HVAC System Doesn’t Have to Work as Hard

Temperature differences in the home can cause your HVAC system to work harder, leading to energy inefficiencies. One way to correct these variations is by adding additional zones throughout the home. This can help to reduce the wear and tear on the HVAC system.

The experts at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. can help offer suggestions to correct these temperature differences. The homeowner in Tyngsboro has a technician visit and she has decided to add an additional zone to her home’s lower level. This will make a big difference in the temperature consistency, as well as saving her money to heat and cool the residence.


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