How to Care for Your Nashua, NH. Outside Air Conditioning Unit

You must regularly clean your outdoor AC condenser, clearing away any debris that can accumulate in the area while also gently rinsing dirt and mud off the unit. Leaves and other debris can collect around the condenser during the fall and winter months, leaving a mess in the spring when it comes time to turn on your air conditioning. Make sure any debris, including long grass and weeds, is cleared several feet around the circumference of the condenser.

There may also be debris that has been collected inside the unit. Springtime is a good time to give the condenser a thorough cleaning, using a shop vac to remove dust and debris from inside the unit. Be sure to shut off all power to the outdoor condenser before beginning this maintenance task.

Cleaning the Dirt from the Condenser’s Coils

Once the power is off, you can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for unscrewing the top of the condenser. This will give you access to the coils inside. Clear away large amounts of debris by hand and then use a shop vac to remove any remaining debris. You can then use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove any accumulation of dust, pollen, and dirt that may be on the coils. There are commercial coil cleaners available that can help to remove any stuck-on dirt, letting the cleaner sit as per the product instructions.

Dirty A/C unit Nashua, New Hampshire

When the bulk of the visible dirt has been removed, you can use a garden hose to wash the coils. Take care not to spray the electrical components of the condenser with water. Using a power washer to rinse the air conditioning unit can have too much water pressure which can damage the condenser and coils.

After rinsing the coils, you can then place the top of the air conditioning unit back in place screwing it on. The condenser is fine to air dry. Be sure to turn the power back on when you are done.

Keeping your outdoor air conditioning unit clean and free of debris can ensure that your air conditioning is running at peak efficiency, saving you money and prolonging the life of the unit.

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