Any time you are changing seasons, going from air conditioning to heat and vice versa, it is a good idea to schedule preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. You should change or clean your system’s air filter. This is standard procedure during a maintenance call. Make sure all the vents are cleared of furniture, rugs, and other debris that may block the airflow. This can cause your HVAC unit to use more energy than necessary to heat the home. This is also a good time to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home to ensure that everything is in good working order.

With cold weather right around the corner, a Goffstown resident was trying to be proactive in preparing her home’s heating system. For help, she contacted the team at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc..

What an HVAC Technician Will Do to Prepare Your Home’s Heating System for the Season Ahead
It has been months since your home’s heating system was needed, meaning that it could likely use a tune-up prior to being used again. Late summer is a great time to schedule preventative maintenance for your home’s heating system. A technician will change or clean the unit’s air filter, ensuring that there are no blockages and that there is adequate airflow. All the parts of your unit will be lubricated and inspected to ensure that they are in good working order. This type of maintenance can only identify any problems before they leave you in the cold, as well as making sure that your heating system is working as energy efficiently as possible.

Head Off Any Problems Now by Inspecting Your Heating Unit Before You Need It

Regular maintenance of your heating system will extend the lifespan of the unit, keeping it in good working order. If the technician does find a problem, late summer is the best time to address this before HVAC technicians are slammed with service calls during the first cold snap.

The Goffstown resident was happy to schedule preventative maintenance from a Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. technician. Now she can rest assured knowing that her home’s heating unit is unlikely to leave her in the cold this winter.

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