When used properly your thermostat can save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill. Don’t underestimate the power of a smart thermostat. Controlled via an app on your phone, a smart thermostat allows you to adjust the heat and air conditioning when the home is empty or at night. This can save plenty on your energy bills in the long run by programming the thermostat to adjust accordingly.

A Brookline resident was looking for ways to save on energy bills. Misled by some common thermostat myths, his home was not as energy efficient as he had assumed.

Common Thermostat Mistakes that Waste Energy at Home

Adding supplemental heat to the home, in the form of space heaters, can waste more electricity than good that they do. Your home’s heating system should be able to provide plenty of heat to the home on its own. Adding space heaters will own drain more energy by using electricity, while keeping only a particular area warm. The same is true with window air conditioner use in a home that already has central air conditioning. The energy needed to run the window unit can increase your electricity costs unnecessarily.

Another common myth that homeowners believe is that smart thermostats are overrated and are unnecessary gadgets. A smart thermostat will not only allow you to set a programmable temperature, adjusting as necessary throughout the day, it will also give you a big picture of your home’s energy usage. With this information, the smart thermostat can help to find ways to reduce the energy needed to heat or cool the house. This makes a smart thermostat a true stand-out from older model thermostats, offering plenty of ways to cut your energy bill.

Believing some of these common myths about thermostats can wind up costing you money in lost energy. The homeowner in Brookline now has a better understanding of how to prevent energy loss at home and the ways that a smart thermostat can help his HVAC system to operate at peak performance.

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