Amherst, NH Homeowner Seeks Advice

Adding some landscaping around your home’s outdoor AC unit can make the entire area much more attractive. It is important to keep in mind that you need to leave a clearance of two to three feet around the unit on all sides. To minimize the amount of debris clean-up around the unit, choose plants that do not lose their leaves as the weather cools.

A homeowner in Amherst was looking for some spring landscaping tips. In particular, he wanted to make the area around his outdoor AC unit more appealing.

Give the Proper Clearance Around the AC Unit

Planting too close to the AC unit can restrict the airflow around the coils, making it difficult for the unit to operate at full efficiency. It is also important to keep in mind that a technician may need to access the outdoor unit for repairs or regular maintenance. Keep any plant at least two to three feet clear from the outdoor unit. If you are planting trees, make sure these are trimmed regularly, and give a minimum of five feet of clearance.

Planting Around the AC Unit Can Be Beneficial

Adding plants, small tree or shrubs close to the outdoor AC unit can actually improve the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning. The shade that these plants can offer will keep the unit cooler, being out of the sun. This means it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the home.

Whatever landscaping option you choose for the outdoor AC unit, it is important to remember to keep the area clear of fallen leaves and debris. This accumulation of debris can impede the system’s efficiency and its ability to cool the home.

The homeowner in Amherst was pleased to hear about the many options for planting in this area of his yard. He looks forward to diving in with this project as the weather continues to warm.

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