It is critical to schedule preventative maintenance on your heating unit in the fall before the temperatures drop and in the spring for the cooling unit, as the weather warms. A Hollis homeowner recently contacted us concerned that she was too late in the season for scheduling her heating system’s preventative maintenance appointment.

Temperature Changes Mean Your HVAC System Has to Work Harder

This homeowner wasn’t too far behind in scheduling her heating system’s maintenance call. It is important that as the weather begins to change in the fall, and your heating system has to return to working full-time, you schedule a maintenance check. Preventative maintenance can ensure that the unit is running efficiently and that there are no foreseeable problem coming down the road. Identifying and addressing any problems now and just treating the unit to a little TLC can ensure that it keeps running on those cold days of winter.

Similarly, a preventative maintenance should be scheduled on your cooling unit in the springtime. When the temperatures begin to heat up, you will want to prevent any downtime from your air conditioning. Treating the unit to a routine maintenance check-up in the spring ensures that it is ready to power through a sweltering summer without fail.

Preventative Maintenance Program Keeps You Up and Running

The Hollis homeowner opted to sign-up for Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc.’s preventative maintenance program, making sure that she never misses a season. With this program she can also be sure that if her system does fail, she will receive priority service from us, getting her back up and running as quickly as possible.

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