One of the most common reasons that a home’s air conditioning unit may struggle to keep the house cool is a dirty air filter. Dirt, dust, and other debris in the filter may be obstructing the airflow to and from the unit. This can mean the system has to work harder to cool the home. If your air conditioning continues to struggle to adequately cool the home, make sure moisture from the unit is draining properly.

Most air conditioning units are designed to handle outdoor heat of up to 100 degrees. When the outside temperature exceeds this, the unit may struggle to maintain the designated temperature indoors. Make sure no furniture or other household items are blocking your HVAC vents.

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A family in Hollis had noticed that with the recent extreme heat, their air conditioning unit was working full-time but the house temperature was still well above that set on the thermostat. Concerned that there may be a problem, they contacted Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. for advice.

Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit for Extreme Heat

During the hottest months of the year, you can prepare your home’s AC ahead of time by cleaning or changing the air filter. A programmable thermostat, giving the air conditioning unit a break when the house is empty with a higher temperature setting, can help to keep your unit functioning properly and prolong its life. Scheduling preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit can go a long way to making sure it is in great working order.

Supplemental Ways to Help Cool a Home in the Summertime

Take advantage of your windows when the temperature drops, opening them and giving the AC a break when temperatures outside drop overnight. You can also use light-block curtain to prevent the sun from heating up the home. Ceiling fans can help to recirculate the air, making it feel cooler than the current temperature. Lights turned on and running appliances during the heat of the day can add warmth to the living space, making your air conditioning have to work even harder.

Upon the advice of Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc., the Hollis family scheduled a preventative maintenance on their air conditioning unit. Thanks to the HVAC technician, they can already tell a big difference in how the unit is cooling the home.

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