Merrimack, NH Homeowner Seeks Alternative Options

Ductless HVAC systems, also commonly referred to as mini-splits, are a great way to heat and cool the area of a home that does not have any pre-existing ductwork. Mounted to the wall, this energy-efficient unit works independently to heat and cool an area. They can be used for rooms that have no existing heat and air conditioning or as a supplement to your existing HVAC system.

A Merrimack, NH homeowner had just built an addition onto her home. Unsure of the best way to heat this new area, she contacted Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. for recommendations.

Mini-Split Ductless HVAC Ideal for Rooms with No Existing Ductwork

A ductless heating and cooling system can efficiently heat and cool an area of your home. This is ideal for a scenario where there is no existing ductwork, like in the case of a home addition, to heat and cool the area efficiently. These units are discreetly affixed to the wall, blowing air throughout the room to heat and cool effectively. The indoor unit works with an outdoor component.

Supplemental Heat and Air Conditioning Offered in Ductless System

Since the ductless unit operates at a high energy efficiency level, this can also be a good option for providing supplemental heat and air conditioning. Even homes without central air conditioning can have these mini-split units installed in common rooms and bedrooms to enjoy the cool air during the summer months. Having a unit to offer this type of efficient heat and cooling can go a long way to making your home more energy efficient, reducing the cost to heat and cool your home.

The homeowner in Merrimack opted to have Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. technicians install a ductless system in her new addition. The unit is working great and she couldn’t be happier in the comfort of her new room.

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