The winter of 2015 is causing another issue. We are getting numerous phone calls of units with damage due to the ice dams falling off of the roofs. Most customers don’t know that these damages are covered under your homeowners insurance. What is interesting is that on the surface units don’t show major damage but have been for lack of better term “tweaked”. Most newer units are built with very small tolerances and any disturbance will cause the fan blades to rub. The manufacturers have asked us to try to determine if this is a manufacturing issue or damage from ice. The simplest way to determine is if it worked in the fall and it’s not working now it’s probably due to ice or snow and not covered under the manufactures warranties.

These images from Hudson and Hollis show some extreme issues brought on by the deep snow pack being swept off roofs onto the units or ice dams being broken off. Be sure to keep this in mind for the future. We were able to get out to our clients in Hudson and Hollis, and many more in the surrounding cities, replacing the Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps in preparation for the summer. Let us know if you have any concerns or issues. Might be a good time to turn on your air conditioner to give it a test.

Hollis Heat Pump

Hudson Air Conditioner

We at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. will make every effort to investigate and to advise the best course of action to repair the system. Give us a call if you have any concerns (833) 222-4667.

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