Years ago the idea of adjusting your home’s temperature remotely may have felt like something out of the future, but this is becoming more and more commonplace. Homeowners are transitioning away from the more archaic traditional thermostat in favor of a programmable version. The next step up from there, and a direction in which the market is headed, is wi-fi thermostats.

Wi-Fi Thermostat’s Energy Efficiency

Wi-fi thermostats offers some added features above and beyond standard programmable thermostats. These remote versions are able to provide a lot of data for the homeowner with respect to energy efficiency and consumption in the home. Also known as Smart Thermostats, these wi-fi versions allow you to access the information and make adjustments remotely via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is no need to be connected to your own home wireless network to make these changes, making your thermostat accessible to you from anywhere. Well-known manufacturers, including Honeywell and Ecobee, all have their own wi-fi thermostats now available for consumers.

These wi-fi thermostats take maximizing the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system to an entirely new level. The higher end systems are even able to intelligently identify your family’s everyday habits from room to room, creating a heating and cooling schedule to accommodate this.

Installing A Wi-Fi Thermostat

Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. recently installed a wi-fi thermostat in a Hudson, NH home that also included a geofencing feature. The homeowner is able to connect their thermostat to the GPS location feature on their smartphone. In doing so the unit can gauge how close the homeowner is from home and moderate the temperature accordingly.

These types of technology based thermostats are the wave of the future, and more and more homeowners are reaping the benefits of these energy-saving features by installing a wi-fi thermostat.

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