The temperatures in New England may still feel like summer, but make no mistake fall and heating season are right around the corner. We always encourage customers to test their heating unit before they need it to ensure that everything is running properly. A family in Litchfield, NH heeded this advice and were happy that they did.

Visually Inspect The Unit, And Don’t Forget The Filter

Now is the best time to head off any problems with your heating system, before the weather takes a turn and it can be a challenge getting on anyone’s service schedule. It is important, after months of lying dormant, to visually inspect the heating system prior to turning it on. Check the vents outside of the home, ensuring that they are free of debris such as leaves or bird nests.

Over the summer months dirt and dust have probably settled on the home’s ductwork. To improve the airflow and indoor air quality, take some time to clean these ducts each season. Doing this before turning on the heating unit can make a big difference in efficiency over the winter months, when the unit is working at full capacity.

The change in season is also a good reminder to address your system’s air filter. This can be even more critical for homes with shedding pets. Changing the filter every three months can keep the system running efficiently, while also improving the air quality.

Annual Maintenance Goes A Long Way To Keeping Your Heating System Working Properly

To really ensure that the system is running properly and efficiently, homeowners should schedule annual maintenance with a professional. A technician can check for service problems, while giving the unit a thorough cleaning.

The family in Litchfield went through these items, also scheduling an annual maintenance visit with Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc.. The system is now in good working order and they can be sure to spend a warm winter in the comfort of their home.

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