Finding Your Comfort Level

We recently received a call from an overheated homeowner in Nashua, NH. There were six window air conditioning units in the home, running full time to cool the bedroom and downstairs living area. Of course, the temperature was all over the place due to the lack of a thermostat and this family would constantly find themselves turning individual air conditioners off and on to control the comfort level of a room. As you can imagine, with six window units this had gotten frustrating.

One of the first things we explained was that installing a central air conditioning unit in the home would bring this family precisely what they had been striving for, but finding unattainable with the half dozen window units… COMFORT. The biggest drawback of window air conditioners is their lack of a thermostat and temperature setting. While able to cool a room, this has a significant impact on your home’s comfort level. Another drawback is the loud noise of just one window air conditioning unit, with several running simultaneously the home was anything but quiet.

Homeowners looking to install central air conditioning in their home for the first time are often concerned about the cost to power the system, and how this will affect their monthly electric bill. During the hottest months of the year, the power consumption for your home will go up. However, to cool an entire home, window air conditioning units typically require more energy than central air. In general a window AC unit uses between 500 to 1400 watts of electricity, while central air conditioning uses about 3500 watts. When you add multiple window units to cool the home, central air is clearly the winner.

Ultimately this Nashua homeowner did have Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. install a central air conditioning unit and the window units are now a thing of the past. Not only is this family enjoying the summer in comfort, but the peace and quiet is something that they can really appreciate.

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