Every week you see ads running in the local paper touting a great deal on furnace and air conditioning tune-ups. These ads will claim “spectacular” specials, regularly priced at $250 or more for a one-time special price of $99. These numbers are meant to sensationalize bargain hunters, when in fact the “regular” price is inflated to make the sale price seem like even more of a bargain.

In many cases this is also a way for these companies to get in the front door, finding problem after problem with your heating or air-conditioning unit during this simple preventative maintenance call. This means, of course, that the end bill will far exceed that advertised price from the paper.

You won’t ever see Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. running a special like this and the reason is simple. Our prices every day are low. At $95 for a full Heating or Cooling tune-up of your unit, we are not interested in inflating our prices just so that we can offer a “sale”. Instead with Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. you can know what you are getting, every time.

Our heating and cooling technicians are interested in making a life-time customer, not a one-time sale. Each time our technician goes out on a call they are not looking to find ways to upsell the customer. This dedication to quality, and our everyday guaranteed pricing is what has made Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. “The Best of Nashua” three years running.

Next time you see one of these ads in the paper, ask yourself is this really a “deal” or is it simply a discount because of an inflated price?

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