When many homeowners think of the standard overhead ceiling fan, the assumption is that this is used in place of the air conditioning and only in the summertime. However, in reality ceiling fans can do a great job working in conjunction with your HVAC system all year round.

As a Hollis homeowner and customer of Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. recently learned, alone their home ceiling fans were not doing a great job cooling things down. However, when the homeowner combined them with their air conditioning and heating system they actually did play an important role. In the summer time when used with a ceiling fan, the homeowner could set the thermostat approximately four degrees higher than normal and still felt comfortable.

Cooling and Heating the Home with a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan works by circulating the cool air put out by your home’s air conditioning unit around the room continuously. The cool air blowing on your skin will naturally make you feel more comfortable, even in a room with a higher temperature. Conversely, in the winter changing the direction of your fan to spin clockwise will help to heat your home in conjunction with your heating system. The ceiling fan will work to move the warmer air that travels toward the ceiling, pushing it downward to add comfort to the room, even at a lower temperature setting.

A larger fan size with longer blades is more effective in working with your home’s heating and cooling system to make a difference, and ultimately save you money. To maximize this energy savings, ceiling fans work best in a room that has ceilings that are at least eight feet high.

Installing a ceiling fan in the rooms where your family spends the most amount of time is a small price to pay to save on your home’s energy consumption all year round.

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