To insulate your home’s hot water pipes, you can find neoprene and polyethylene sleeves at most home improvement stores. Use an acrylic black tape, tie wire or zip tie to secure the insulation sleeve in place around the pipe. For gas water heaters, standard insulation is flammable and should be kept at least six feet from the flue, instead using wire to secure the insulation in place.

To Improve Hot Water Heater’s Efficiency, Insulate The Pipes

Looking to make their home more energy efficient while also saving money in the process, a family in Litchfield was looking for suggestions. A quick look at their hot water heater, showed a Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. technician that there could be significant savings by insulating the hot water pipes.

Pipe sleeves are ideal for insulating this area of the home, particularly the first three feet that extend from the hot water heater. Much of the heat can escape within these first few feet of cold piping. Insulation will dramatically reduce this energy loss. The pipe sleeve can be secured in place using acrylic black tape, tie wire or zip ties.

With gas water heaters, to install insulation around the pipes closer than six feet you will need to use a special Fiberglass pipe wrap without facing and secure it in place with wire, as opposed to tape.

Dramatic Savings Is Seen By Litchfield Family

By insulating their hot water pipes, the family in Litchfield was able to reduce the temperature on their hot water thermostat by five degrees, generating a significant cost savings, and the family hasn’t noticed any difference in the home’s delivery of hot water.

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