Lately we have been getting a lot of requests not only from customers wanting quotes on these sites but also from websites selling leads.

This is different from review sites that actually help the consumer select a qualified contractor and helps us become better by getting feedback on items we were not aware of.

So we started to investigate these lead generation websites that are designed to help the “consumer find qualified contractors”. What most consumers don’t know is that these sites charge a fee to the contractor in order to get the lead. Some of the sites do background checks and reviews in order to insure that the contractor is qualified – most don’t. In order to start getting leads, you simply sign-up and provide a credit card for future payment.

Some of the other items the sites offer are prepaid services such as preventive maintenance, water heaters, or even fully installed systems. Consumers who are looking for “deals” are attracted to this type of promotion thinking they will save money but often do not get the services they contracted for.

Most established contractors do not participate because they don’t have to. The web is full of stories of customers not receiving the product or the quality that they contracted for. Another issue may simply be the geography of the contractor. We get request for installations all over New England. This may be fine for products that do not need maintenance but if a heating or air conditioning systems goes down and the installing contractor is 2 hours away, how quick do you think a Tech can get to your home?

These sites are very popular for companies that are just starting up, have problems generating work on their own, or have bad reputations.

By having the consumer talk directly the people providing the service, all of the details for a quality installation can be worked out before the job even starts. In the HVAC business it is very important that whoever installs the system be available for future maintenance and service. It is not uncommon for our service department to receive calls to repair equipment that should be in warranty from the original installing contractor but because of the way they were purchased, the installing contractors are not available.

All contractors understand that customers are looking for the best possible value and strive to the keep the costs down. Most quality contractors that have a service department and support after the sale are the ones with a good track record and good reviews.

At Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. we strive to not only to meet but to exceed expectations for all our customers. By contacting us directly you are in insured of a quality installation by qualified people that will be there long after the sale.

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