Any dog or cat owner knows the ongoing battle of dealing with a pet’s shedding, which can be particularly bad when the seasons change. A homeowner in Milford recently found that her pet’s shedding was causing more damage than just unsightly hairs throughout the home.

Lost Energy Efficiency? The Pets Could Be To Blame

Pet hair and dander in the home can quickly end up in your HVAC filter, negatively impacting the entire unit’s ability to heat and cool the home. Regular cleaning, while also bathing and brushing the pet, can go a long way to reducing the amount of hairs circulating throughout the home. However, it is inevitable for pet owners that some hair and dander will find its way into the filter.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to have an air filter that is matted with hair and other pet particles. This can clog the filter in a short amount of time, reducing the overall efficiency of the system. Regularly checking and replacing the filter as necessary can go a long way to correcting this. If the filters are clogging too frequently, pet owners may want to consider switching to a reusable filter that can be hosed down instead of having to replace it every time.

Duct Cleaning Can Improve HVAC Efficiency

Pet hair and dander will also wind up in the home’s ductwork. This can also significantly impact your system’s ability to heat and cool the home. Annual cleanings of the home’s ducts can go a long way to removing this unwanted pet debris, leaving you with a system that is operating at full efficiency.

In the case of the homeowner in Milford, when she noticed her unit was working harder to maintain a temperature she scheduled a service call. Replacing the air filter went a long way to improving her HVAC system’s performance. Now with a regular reminder to check the air filter, this homeowner can expect to save money on her home’s heating and cooling bills.

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