This story has a happy ending but did not start out that way. Like a lot of the jobs that Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. does, it starts out as a simple service call. It was one of those 90 degree days in summer when Patricia called with no air conditioning in her third floor condo in Nashua, NH.

Since she was an existing customer, we fit her into an already packed schedule. The systems in this complex are 30+ years old, very inefficient, and not very reliable. It did not take us long to find out that the compressor was no good. We informed Patricia of her options: changing the compressor, changing the outdoor unit with the old refrigerant, or upgrading the entire system with a new air conditioner, furnace, air cleaner, and thermostat. We explained that it was an unforeseen situation and she should take some time to make a proper decision. Like most people, she did not want to spend the extra money, but it seemed foolish to not upgrade the entire system (instead of doing it one piece at a time).

As we left her home, she was packing to go stay with her daughter for a couple of days until she made a decision, or until it cooled off. Later in the day, she called the office and gave us the OK to change out the whole system. As it turned out, her daughter was more than happy to pay for the labor. A couple of days later, we installed a new Lennox gas furnace and central air conditioner. Patricia called soon after to thank us and to point out it’s still hot outside put pretty cool in her Nashua, NH condo!

It may still be winter outside but we’re already scheduling air conditioning installations so give us a call, (833) 222-4667.

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