Amherst Family Seeks Guidance

On average a heating system should last 15-20 years and an air conditioning unit 12-15. Frequent repairs on an aging system may indicate that it is time to look for a replacement. You may also notice that the unit is less efficient, working harder to heat or cool the home.

As your heating and cooling system ages, the repair bills will start to become more frequent. This trend left a family in Amherst wondering if it was time to replace the system altogether.

Ready For A Replacement? Consider The Age Of The Unit

As heating and air conditioning units near the end of their life, necessary repairs become more frequent and costlier. This is a good indication that it is time for an upgrade. In many cases, the money spent to repair a unit that is near the end of its life, may be better spent investing in a new system.

Performance Is A Good Sign That A Replacement Is Needed

Older units become less efficient over time, expending more energy to reach and maintain the set temperature. This energy drain will be seen in your home’s heating and cooling costs, making it more expensive to maintain an older, inefficient system. You might also see uneven temperatures throughout the home as the aging unit struggles to keep up. An increase in your energy bills consistently from month to month can quickly add up, and is money that would be better invested in a new unit for the home.

Today’s units are much more energy efficient than those designed 15-20 years ago. Replacing your heating and cooling unit can give you significant savings each month in your energy bill, offsetting the initial cost.

The family in Amherst recognized that their heating system was on its last leg and instead of investing any more money into the repair of the old unit, they are on the schedule to have a new system installed.

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