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What are the Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters use 30-50% less energy than standard water heaters.  They are also more compact, often mounting on a wall.  Because they use less energy, tankless water heaters can last twice as long as their counterparts.

A homeowner in Londonderry was looking to replace his water eater.  Always looking for ways to make his home more energy efficient and save money during the process, he inquired about tankless water heaters.

For an Energy Efficient Solution, Consider a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters heat the water in your home only when the faucet is turned on.  This is a significant energy savings over standard water heaters that are continuously keeping 40 – 50 gallons of water in the tank heated.  Despite this on-demand heating, tankless systems offer a continuous supply of hot water.  A tankless unit’s life span will also outlast a standard water heater by nearly double.

Smaller tankless water heaters may struggle to keep up with the hot water demands of a large, busy household.  There are larger tankless heaters that can meet these requirements but these are more expensive.

Up Front Costs and Expensive Installation Can Deter Some Customers

The initial cost to purchase a tankless water heater is much higher than a standard unit.  While the cost savings will add up over the years, this initial investment can deter some homeowners from this type of water heater. The installation costs of a tankless water heater are also higher, as they require a special venting system.

The homeowner in Londonderry opted to go with a tankless water heater.  While his initial costs were more up front, he will be able to enjoy the energy efficiency savings for many years to come.

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