The price of heating fuel can fluctuate greatly, but for the best energy consumption and efficiency natural gas can’t be beat. Not only does this have significant savings over alternative fuels, but natural gas is also one of the cleanest fuels for heating a home.

Tired of seeing high fuel bills, a homeowner in Dunstable, NH was looking to finally change over his home’s heating from oil. With an eye on the long-run, he wanted a fuel and would be most cost-effective in heating his home.

For Efficiency, Natural Gas Tops The List

Today natural gas is used to heat approximately 60% of American homes, according to The reason for this is that natural gas is the most energy efficient way to heat a home. Natural gas furnaces, or central heating systems, use a blower and air ducts to distribute warm air throughout the home.

The efficiency of the furnace is measured by AFUE, annual fuel efficiency ratio. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the furnace. Most furnaces have a rating between 60 and 90%. There are high-efficiency furnaces that have AFUE rating exceeding 90%. In these furnaces, the combustion gases of wasted heat are sent through a second heat exchanger.

Efficiency Goes Beyond The Heating Fuel

It is important to remember that for your system to truly run at peak efficiency it needs to be kept in optimal working order. This can be done through regular maintenance each year, like Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc.’s Preventative Maintenance Program. By keeping your system in peak working order, you can be sure to take advantage of the highest level of efficiency that it can offer.

The homeowner in Dunstable was convinced. He is looking forward to making the switch to natural gas before the cold of winter sets in. With this change, he can expect to see significantly lower heating bills for years to come.

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