Over the holidays one of our technicians was having dinner with his family in Amherst, NH. One of his family members had a box of tissues handy and was constantly sneezing and blowing her nose. However, she expressed to everyone that it was nothing contagious but just “seasonal allergies”. With the below zero weather recently hitting the area, not many people are spending extended periods of time outdoors. This led the Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. employee to immediately suspect that his relative’s allergies were caused by poor indoor air quality.

Poor Air Quality Causes Everything From Sniffles To Throat And Eye Irritation

The winter months in New England, with sealed up windows and doors, are notorious for making homeowners more susceptible to the indoor air quality in the home. During the winter symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and congestion are all indicative of your home’s air quality.

Your home’s heating unit can carry contaminants such as dust and dirt, recirculating it through your home’s ductwork. The colder months mean that more homeowners are staying indoors, making them more susceptible to these irritants.

Air Purification System Removes Contaminants And Controls Indoor Air Quality

The PureAir Air Purification System is the most effective way to control and purify your indoor air. The system installs into your ductwork, trapping and destroying contaminants. This not only improves the air in your home, and the overall health of your family, but it also helps to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

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