Hudson, NH Homeowner Looks For Advice

The most common energy efficiency measurement for your air conditioning system is SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This number is determined by dividing the cooling output, measured in BTUs, by electricity usage, measured in kilowatt-hours. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the cooling unit. HPSF, Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, measures the efficiency of the heating system. This is determined using a ratio of total heating needed from the system divided by the total electricity to operate the heat pump.

A homeowner in Hudson wanted to get an idea how efficiently his home’s HVAC system was operating. To learn more about these measurements, he contacted the team at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc..

Other Ways to Determine HVAC System Efficiency

While calculating the SEER and HPSF are the best way to determine an HVAC unit’s efficiency, there are other less technical ways to see if your unit is operating efficiently. Looking at the airflow coming from the vents will help to give you a better understanding. When the air conditioner is running, the air should feel cool and the flow should be unimpeded. Similarly, if the heat is on and the air only feel lukewarm, the system may not be operating at peak efficiency.

An HVAC unit that struggles to maintain the temperature in the home or that seems to be incurring higher energy costs, may be operating inefficiently. You can test this by adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees up or down and see how long it takes the unit to reach this new setting.

Look for the Energy Star Label

HVAC units with the Energy Star label are required to adhere to strict requirements for energy efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency conducts lab testing to ensure that these products reach this higher threshold of efficiency.

If your HVAC unit does seem to be operating inefficiently and working harder to heat or cool an area, regular maintenance can make a big difference. The team at Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. was able to send a technician to evaluate the Hudson homeowner’s unit. With a cleaning and other regular maintenance tasks completed, the unit is running better than ever.

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