Brookline, NH Homeowner Has Concerns

Most HVAC systems last from 15 to 25 years, depending on the climate and wear and tear on the system. In New England, heating and air conditioning may not be needed in early fall and late springtime. Despite this longevity, parts or components may have to be replaced to keep the unit running efficiently. The most common replacement parts include vent hoses, temperature regulators and thermostats.

A homeowner in Brookline had just moved into a new home with an older HVAC unit. Concerned about the replacement costs, he contacted Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. to check out his system.

An HVAC System’s Lifespan Depends on Use and Climate

Just like anything else, the more your HVAC unit runs 24/7, the less the lifespan. If you are keeping your home at a temperature setting year-round, with either the air conditioner or heat always working, the system will have more wear and tear. While a unit that is well-cared for should have plenty of years, this continuous use can take a toll.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

Regular maintenance on your HVAC unit can keep it running efficiently and prolong the life of the unit. This means annual visits by an experienced technician to clean the system and check the components for any problems. As the system ages, less expensive parts may need to be replaced. Doing so will keep the entire unit running well and efficiently. These check-ups can have a big impact on ultimate wear and tear, ensuring that the HVAC unit is not having to work harder than necessary to heat or cool the home.

Air filters that are cleaned or replaced regularly are also a good way to keep your HVAC unit running well. A dirty air filter can result in the system having to work harder, which will ultimately create more wear and tear on the system and age the entire unit faster.

A Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. technician checked out the HVAC system at the Brookline residence. While an older unit, it was still working fine. With regular maintenance, the HVAC unit should have many more years of life.

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