Hudson, NH Homeowner Has Questions

An HVAC technician will check your heating and cooling unit to make sure everything is running properly and efficiently. The technician will inspect the unit for leaks and ensure that there is proper airflow. The filter will be changed or cleaned, and the condenser coils will be cleaned of any dirt that has accumulated. Fuel lines going to the unit will be checked and all motors and moving parts will be lubricated. This thorough inspection is important to keeping your HVAC unit running properly and trouble-free.

A homeowner in Hudson kept hearing about preventative maintenance on his HVAC unit. Curious if this was something that he needed to schedule, he contacted Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc..

Annual Maintenance on your HVAC Unit Ensures Everything is Running Properly

By the time your HVAC unit is clearly not working properly, the problem has likely gone on for some time. Regular maintenance calls can identify any problems before they result in down-time for your home’s heating or cooling. A technician can identify problems early, checking for leaks and inspecting the unit, that can be addressed before they become a bigger problem. This type of check-up on your system will keep it running efficiently, which will save you money during the peak heating and cooling seasons.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System with Regular Maintenance

Annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system will not only identify any problems, but it will also extend the life of your unit. Keeping the air filter changed regularly and lubricating the motors in the unit are just the TLC that an HVAC system needs to keep working as long as possible. Taking the time to schedule preventative maintenance each year will make sure that your HVAC system lasts a long time before it needs to be replaced.
The homeowner in Hudson was pleased to hear all the items that would be done during an annual checkup for his HVAC system. He has already scheduled a visit from a Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc. technician.

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