Neither snow, nor sleet – wait we’re not postal employees, we’re an HVAC company!

Recently we were hired to change out an oil furnace and central air conditioner in an Amherst, New Hampshire home. The property had been foreclosed on and resold. The out of state real estate company gave us the project in April and asked for it to be done ASAP. Of course they did not understand that we still had 6 feet of snow on the ground. Just managing to get the furnace changed out was a challenge.

One of the hardest parts of this job was access to the home. The front stairs and the bulkhead were buried. The only option left was the garage but that was difficult because the personal belongings of the previous owner. To make matters worse, the existing furnace was no longer operating and they were using small electric heaters to keep the pipes from freezing.

We managed to get the new Lennox oil furnace changed out and told them we would get to the air-conditioner when the snow melted.

Everyone here in New Hampshire watched as the snow slowly, slowly melted. We wondered if we were ever going to have a spring.

Around April 20, the snow finally melted enough for us to change out the air conditioner. The real estate agent called to thank us. The home closing went off on schedule. The new homeowners, recently arrived to Amherst and New Hampshire are ecstatic about their new Lennox oil furnace and Lennox Central Air Conditioner. We managed to complete the job on time and on budget.

We cautioned the couple to keep the keep the flue for the oil heating system clear of snow if we get socked in again. Plus we warned them to be careful raking the snow off their roof onto the air conditioning unit. We’re replacing quite a few crushed units this spring.

Given the conditions we had this winter, we’re letting all our customers know that they should be testing out their air conditioners right now to make sure they’re working correctly. If you hear any noises, get in touch with us right away.

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