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Lowering the Cost to Cool Your Home This Summer

The temperatures are on the rise, and with July and August fast approaching your home’s air conditioning will no doubt be working at full capacity. At Joyce Cooling & Heating we are already receiving many air conditioning maintenance calls in the Nashua area.

An air conditioner that is not working efficiently will cost the homeowner even more to cool the home. Many homeowners already cringe this time of year when they see the cost of pumping all of that cool air into their home. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to make your unit more energy efficient and save money.

Seal windows.

One of the biggest culprits for lost energy cooling your home are the windows. Caulking any leaks or cracks and weather stripping can have a significant impact on your home’s cooling costs.

Programmable thermostat upgrade.

Realistically, your home temperature probably does not need to be the same all day long. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to adjust the temperature when no one is home or in a particular zone of the home.

Ceiling fans.

Don’t assume just because the air conditioning is on that you don’t need to use ceiling fans. Circulating the cool air with these fans will alleviate some of the burden from your air conditioning unit.

Replace filter.

To keep your air conditioning unit running in top form you should replace or clean your air filter every few months. A dirty filter means that your cooling system will have to work harder to circulate the air.

Tune up.

Having a professional conduct an annual tune-up will keep your air conditioning unit running at peak performance all summer long. A trained technician can identify and correct any problems that may lead to your system not running optimally.

By taking these simple steps to make your home’s cooling system more energy-efficient, you can be sure that you can cool your home comfortably and affordably all summer long.

At Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc., our service department is available 24-7 and work on all makes and models of central air conditioners.
Our technicians can help you understand all the strategies for maintaining healthy air. Contact us today for your heating and air conditioning needs 603-882-4244

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Testimonials & Reviews

We had central air conditioning installed last year by Joyce and were very satisfied with the job. Today, John N. serviced the unit and all of the components and he was incredibly thorough and professional. He explained exactly what was serviced and what to avoid (greenery around the outdoor unit). I highly recommend Joyce Cooling & Heating!

Cristina A.

Cristina A.

Jarod was my technician on March 20th. He was professional and courteous as he completed a servicing on my Heathing Unit. He explained what he was cleaning out and system runs great again.

Matt O.

Matt O.

Mitchell P. came to our house today for an issue with our AC. He was great explaining what the problem is and how they were going to take care of it going forward. He was very pleasant and nice to work with, just like everyone at Joyce Cooling and Heating that has been here.

Cindy A.

Cindy A.

Jim and team did a top notch job on our install. The team was professional, courteous and kept the work areas super clean. I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and the knowledge of the system that was installed. They answered all the questions we had! I also really appreciate how flexible they were with our 3 dogs, they did a great job ensuring materials /parts during install kept tidy to ensure the dogs didn't get into anything. Thanks for the great work!

Jill C.

Jill C.

The representative was friendly, professional, and transparent about the work being done. The issue was resolved. My expectations were satisfied.

Stephen T.

Stephen T.

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